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10 Tallest Buildings in Karachi: Redefining the City’s Skyline

Posted by admin on April 6, 2024

10 Tallest Buildings in Karachi: Redefining the City’s Skyline Karachi is a vibrant city where modernity meets tradition, and its skyline is constantly evolving with towering structures that symbolize the city’s growth and progress. Among these architectural wonders, some stand out for their height and magnificence. Here are the top 10 tallest buildings in Karachi that define its urban landscape:

1.     Bahria Icon Tower, Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Rising impressively in the heart of Clifton, the Bahria Icon Tower dominates Karachi’s skyline. Standing at an impressive height of 300 meters, this mixed-use skyscraper boasts luxurious apartments, corporate offices, and a five-star hotel. The project has been on hold for a couple of years. It is hoped to resume its operations soon. It will also become a valuable addition to the real estate industry of the City.

2.     Chapal Skymark (Civil Lines):

An x50-storey residential building with a height of 210 m (689 ft) is also considered the tallest residential tower in Pakistan. A 50-storey luxury residential tower to be raised on Karachi‘s soil is truly reaching out of the stars, both in terms of the architectural brilliance and the lifestyle it has to offer. Spacious suites are planned, with all getting a corner view along with all the facilities for their residents. Additionally, it is located close to Karachi Club on Civil Lines. The project is conveniently located close to shopping, high-end restaurants, five-star hotels such as Movenpick and PC, clubs, and business districts.

3. Sky Towers, Dolmen City, Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Sky Towers, 35-storey twin towers spreading over 1.2 million sq. ft. of built-up area with a height of 175 meters, are another landmark of the city like its predecessors. The Towers provide a spacious and inspirational ambiance for its occupants to conduct their everyday business with convenient and direct access through a dedicated and secured entrance to Dolmen Mall Clifton and its Food Court.

These unique features available to the occupants at Sky Tower will enable them to utilize the maximum efficiency of the leasable area for active purposes, instead of setting aside valuable office space for staff cafeterias/dining.

The Towers are specially designed to provide column-free space for a spacious office setting with a ceiling-to-floor height of 3.5 meters. Furthermore, the Sky Towers will feature an international hotel chain on the top 11 floors, which will offer Hotel Facilities along with serviced apartments and other complimentary facilities.

These also include Recreational Services, a Banquet / Convention Center, Meeting Rooms, dining in Restaurants, etc. A beautifully decorated and dedicated lobby on the ground floor will be maintained for hotel guests and visitors, with a provision of a secondary lobby on the upper level.

4.     Ocean Towers:

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Situated along the Clifton beachfront, the Ocean Towers soar to a height of 120 meters. This iconic structure not only offers breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea but also houses upscale offices and retail spaces.

5.     Mega G4 Tower, Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

As one of the newest additions to Karachi’s skyline, a 28-floor building, the Mega G4 Tower stands at an impressive height of 118 meters. This state-of-the-art building houses offices, and recreational facilities, setting new standards for urban living. It is currently occupied and managed by HBL management and offices and is known as HBL 2.

6.     Center Point: 

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

A 28 storeys skyscraper with a height of 389 ft ( 118 meters), ever since its completion in 2013, Centre Point has become one of the most popular corporate landmarks in the City of Lights. It is a 28-story-tall structure, that stands magnificently right next to the KPT Interchange, overlooking the suburbs of DHA Karachi. According to a recent development, the project has now been handed over to Bank Al-Habib by TPL Properties, the project’s former owner. The world’s tallest mural, ‘Rising Blue’, has also been painted on this building by well-known Italian artist Giuseppe Percivati.

7.     UBL Tower:

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Designed with eye-catching architecture, having a 23-storey building with a height of 389 ft ( 118 meters), UBL Tower is one of the most attractive-looking buildings in Karachi. The 23-storey building was completed in 2016. As the name suggests, it hosts the headquarters of UBL (United Bank Limited). UBL Tower is located on the main I.I. Chundrigar Road near HBL Plaza, which is among the oldest and most popular business locations in Karachi. This road is also famous for hosting the head offices of many renowned financial institutions and news corporations in the country.

8. HOSHANG PEARL,Tallest Buildings in Karachi 

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Connecting Abdullah Haroon Road with Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Hoshang Road is a very short but important two-way road in the vicinity of Civil Lines. The real estate significance of this road is about to reach new heights as it is witnessing the construction of Hoshang Pearl, a luxury apartment project by the developers of Bahria Town. It is a 450 ft (137- meter) tall building with 31 floors and tremendously eye-catching architecture. Additionally, it is one of the top apartment buildings in Karachi provides approximately a dozen floors for car parking.

9.     Bakht Towers

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Bakht Tower is a mixed-use development based on commercial, corporate, and residential properties. It has an attractively designed facade, which is based on 37 floors and has a maximum height of approximately 450 feet ( 137 meters). This highrise in Karachi is also located in the area of Clifton. Since Bakht Tower is a part of sea-facing real estate located in the vicinity of Marine Promenade Road, it lets you enjoy panoramic views of the Arabian Sea from its upper floors. The building was completed in 2015 and now houses the offices of many well-known corporate firms in the country.

10. HBL Bank Plaza, Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Tallest Buildings in Karachi

Last but not least, is the most iconic landmark of the city. It was the very first and most important building in Karachi. There was a time when Karachiites used to visit II Chundrigar Road only to get a glimpse of Habib Bank Plaza and witness its maximum height through the symbolic glass capsule lift, the one and only of its type.

Additionally, it was the first skyscraper and tallest building in Karachi that had a floor count going over 24 floors and a maximum height of 335 ft ( 102 meters). In 1963, Habib Bank Plaza remained known as the tallest building in Pakistan for over 40 years and still serves as Habib Bank’s headquarters. However, its title of Karachi’s tallest skyscraper was taken away by another tall structure, known as the MCB Tower, that was built in the mid-2000s. But still, the façade material, the architect, and the concept of the building are also considered the state of affairs and are always on the list.

With these architectural wonders punctuating Karachi’s skyline, the city’s urban landscape undergoes a transformation symbolizing progress and prosperity. From luxurious residential towers to iconic corporate landmarks, each building adds a unique touch to Karachi’s vibrant spirit and dynamic city life. Whether soaring above Clifton or overlooking the Arabian Sea, these structures stand tall as symbols of Karachi’s ambition and growth.

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