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Sit back and relax. Let the Ashiyaan Team do all the work and help you achieve your dreams! 

It is very easy to sell your property on the Ashiyaan Online Real Estate Platform and get the best market value for your property in the quickest and smartest way!

  1.  Make a Call to US
  2.  Our representative will guide you regarding how to sell your  property quickly and will update regarding one-stop solution services and its features
  3. Specify the type and location of your property with the relevant details
  4. Our representative will do the rest of the work for you!

Let the Ashiyaan team handle all procedures; just give us a call, and we will take care of the below procedures and get your desired property. 

Services provided by Ashiyaan:

  • A study background Check of Property
  • Finds the real value of the property
  • Get you the best Agent
  • Thoroughly Assess the Property
  • We present it to you for your approval
  • After approval, Negotiate the value
  • Token money 
  • Verify The documents

The Ashiyaan team can expedite the process of leasing your property as we offer the following services:

  1. Ashiyaan’s agent researched the area of the property
  2. Present the rental values.
  3. Market your property.
  4. Choose the right tenants.
  5. A guide to landlord and tenant laws
  6. Align visits to your property ready for tenants.
  7. Support to meet and screen tenants.
  8. Finally, the security deposit

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One Stop Solution

Ashiyaan offers comprehensive approach to solving all property related problem or meeting a need where everything that is needed can be found in a single place. We save your time, energy, and resources .

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Make your property stand out among other listings! A unique and futuristic way of selling your marketing at the best price



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Ashiyaan's trusted agent provides a free evaluation of your property according to area, location, size, and features, which helps you set the best selling price.

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