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From Luxury to Affordability: The Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

Posted by admin on March 19, 2024

Regarding men’s footwear, finding the best shoe brands in Pakistan that offer both style and quality can be challenging. In Pakistan, several shoe brands have made a mark in the industry by providing comfortable and durable shoes for men. Let’s explore some of the top shoe brands in Pakistan that are known for their exceptional craftsmanship and wide range of designs.

1. Bata, One of the Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

One of the best shoe brands in Pakistan is Bata. In 1942, it commenced operations in Pakistan. The number of shoes Bata sells each day exceeds a million, including a major share of student and office wear. It produces comfortable and lavish shoes for men, which is why it has found success. Men, women, and children of any age can all discover high-quality footwear from Bata.

 All of Pakistan’s main cities have Bata locations. The children’s shoes are well-built to last for school. You can therefore anticipate using them without any problems for many years. Parents love the shoe brand Bata because of its low cost and wide availability. However, in recent years, they have stepped into sportswear and sandals and are gaining popularity all over Pakistan.

Bata Pakistan is serving its customers through a strong retail network of 430+ retail outlets and 12 wholesale depots, encompassing 467 dealers, 28 distributors, and 41 DSP franchises nationally.

2. Servis

One of Pakistan’s most well-known shoe manufacturers is Servis. It offers everyone durable shoes. In 1959, Servis was formed. Athletic sneakers from Servis are excellent in terms of both comfort and quality. In addition, Servis offers formal shoes for both as well as sandals, chappals, and other casual footwear. It is the most popular brand among consumers due to the high quality and endurance of the shoes. 

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

Servis pledges to provide items of the highest caliber while working to meet Pakistan’s footwear needs, where demand for comfort and durability is high with the compulsion of the economy and hence it fulfills the need appropriately. In Pakistan, it has an outlet in almost every city, from Quetta to Chitral. It is feasible to acquire Servis shoes for the entire family online because of their accessibility. They have a lovely collection of dresses, formal, lace-up oxford, and casual shoes in various designs and hues.

Servis Group operates through a network of more than 450 retail company stores nationwide and also supplies its products to 2500+ independent retailers in Pakistan.

3. Mochari

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

Mochari, founded by Ms. Hina Fatima Malik, is a high-end shoe manufacturer that creates footwear of the highest caliber. All of Mochari’s footwear is cutting-edge, stylish, and distinctive. This brand’s handcrafted shoes have the best qualities to satisfy all of your needs. Mochari’s color scheme and design pay homage to Pakistan’s past and culture.

To make your individuality adorable, you can choose from a variety of winter shoe collections. Because of this, Mochari can provide you with the greatest service, whether you’re going to a party or the office. Its outlets can be found throughout Pakistan’s major cities, such as Lahore and Islamabad. When it comes to Mochari, luxury footwear immediately springs to mind. Mochari shoes are of excellent quality and feature cutting-edge designs.

4. Nike, one of the best Shoe Brands in Pakistan

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

Best Shoe Brand for Pakistan Another well-known company that uses expensive leather to make shoes is Nike. The largest cities in Pakistan, such as Multan, Islamabad, Lahore, and others, all have Nike stores. This company manufactures a variety of footwear, including sneakers, sports shoes, running shoes, golf shoes, and Air Force shoes. The ideal option for people who care about their health is Nike sports sneakers. Nike sneakers should be worn by everyone who exercises and enjoys jogging.

You might find these shoes costly, however, they are of excellent quality. Nike’s sneakers are suitable for you due to their unique styles, fit, and practicality. As a result, the money you spend on these shoes is a good purchase. These are ideal for enhancing your stylish and vivacious appearance.

5. Gucci

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

One of the most well-known brands in Pakistan that sells both domestically and abroad is Gucci. Gucci’s shoes are of the highest quality, and the worth of the brand justifies their high price. Gucci never skimps on the strength and caliber of its footwear.

Therefore, investing in them makes sense because every dollar invested in them turns into a profitable investment. Herringbone loafers, men’s floral jacquard loafers, tweed loafers, and basic loafers that could make you fall in love are all produced by Gucci. To assist users in daily use and assist people who seek comfort and mobility, it makes it easy to locate casual and formal shoes, including dresses, lace-ups, sneakers, and loafers.

6. Metro

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

Established in 1986, Metro is a well-known shoe manufacturer in Pakistan. It has produced the most cutting-edge, fashionable, and expensive shoes. This well-known company offers domestic and worldwide services and the best prices on durable footwear. Metro is the leading shoe manufacturer in Pakistan because of its incredible styles, excellent quality, and affordable costs.

The majority of Metro’s footwear combines contemporary and vintage design cues. It is the most well-known brand that provides the Pakistani population with top-notch shoes as a result. Therefore, it may be accommodated whether you prefer to wear contemporary or traditional shoes. The target market and consumer needs are at the heart of the metro shoe brand’s success philosophy. Metro sneakers are always accessible for a reasonable price.

7. Levi’s

In 1853, Levi Strauss was founded. It serves people as the top international shoe brand that is well-known in both home and foreign markets. For both men and women, Levi’s manufactures its highest-quality footwear. Levis distinguishes itself from other well-known shoe brands in Pakistan thanks to its exceptional services and high quality.

Amazing formal and casual shoes are available at affordable prices. All of Levi’s footwear is incredibly flexible and comfy. It manufactures men’s shoes of the highest quality in classic styles and designs. You can simply find the newest styles and trends at Levi’s. With Levi’s shoes, you can now go out or spend the day at work.

8. Hush Puppies

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men

In the list of Pakistani shoe brands for guys, Hush Puppies is the brand that men prefer the most. Customers are served in 165 nations, including Pakistan. It has a huge number of well-known stores. This company consistently monitors the ebbs and flows of fashion and creates the highest caliber footwear for men. As a result, you may choose from a large selection of men’s shoes that have cutting-edge designs, unparalleled comfort, and usefulness.

The Hush Puppies brand makes comfortable, plush shoes. As a result, wearing these cozy shoes will allow you to travel for a long period of time. Beautiful colors like brown and black that work well for both formal and casual occasions are available in Hush Puppies shoes.

 9. Borjan, one of the best Shoe Brands in Pakistan

The best shoe brands in Pakistan are also produced by Borjan, which is well renowned for doing so. The cost is 1,100 Pakistani rupees at the beginning. Sandals and chappals are also among the many types of high-quality footwear that are available

The footwear made by Borjan goes well with both professional and informal attire. Dress shoes and loafers are other options that offer more stability and comfort. The style that Borjan has established is contemporary and chic. Because of this, you can easily have confidence when you shop. Even after several hours on your feet, the newest design and plushness of Borjan shoes make you feel like you’re standing on sand.

Best Shoe Brands in Pakistan for Men


The J. Shoes brand was established in Pakistan by Junaid Jamshed. The shoes have a starting price of 2,500 Pakistani rupees. It is a traditional company that manufactures chappals for Pakistanis and is also famous among the public for wearing waistcoats and shalwar kameez.

In conclusion, the best shoe brands in Pakistan offer a diverse range of options for men, catering to their style and comfort needs. Whether you’re looking for a luxury brand like Gucci or a more affordable option like Servis, there is something for everyone in the Pakistani footwear market. Invest in quality shoes from these renowned brands and step out in style and comfort.

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