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Pakistan Mithai Brands in Karachi: Muh Meetha Hojay!

Posted by admin on March 17, 2024

Karachi is known as “Mini-Pakistan,” with a population of around 20.3 million. It is a city where people from every community and culture reside, famous for its 24/7 versatile happenings, business, food streets, and lively hearts. Karachi’s food-loving culture has led to high demand for food streets, restaurants, tea/coffee shops, refreshment baithaks, mobile food carts, food vans, and so on. Sweets are the most economical and convenient desserts and a cultural inheritance in South Asia. Be it a wedding/engagement ceremony, any celebration, good news, or any religious festival, mithai is always in demand and is incomplete without a Muh Meetha by your favorite Mithai. Today, we are going to discuss the famous sweet/mithai shops in Karachi.

Sohny Sweets & Bakers 2000 – Pakistan Mithai Brand

Pakistan Mithai

This delightful sweet shop can be found in Block 7 of Clifton and North Nazimabad. It’s known for its outstanding specialty in Gulab Jamun and Cham Cham. It is Karachi’s premier sweet shop, offering a wide selection of cakes, sweets, mithai, nimko, and biscuits.

From traditional desserts to sugar-free options, and it’s expanding its business by making deliveries through online orders, which is very popular among people. They have a huge variety of Pakistan Mithai (sweets) and packaging available and allow customers to taste them before purchasing. Whether the order is huge; like wedding giveaways, baby showers, tinned for travel, or just half a kilo box of sweets, they can be reached for deliveries and online orders at the following details:

Clifton Branch:



Badar Commercial:



Gulshan Hadeed (Karachi)


Recommended Sweets:

  • Mix Sweet
  • Walnut Pistachio
  • Cashewnut Barfi
  • Sohny Sweet Barfi
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Cham Cham

Dilpasand Sweets & Bakers

Pakistan Mithai

Dilpasand Sweets & Bakers has been one of the pioneers of Pakistan Mithai – sweets mart industry since 1957. Initially working on a very small scale, Haji Ahmed Mian has progressed remarkably and blossomed to its present standing of unmatched prestige. They have Arabic sweets, Bengali sweets, local sweets, and different types of Halwa that are there to delight your taste buds. They have shops in different areas of Karachi, such as M.A. Jinnah Road, North Nazimabad, Azizabad, and Safoora. They can be reached for deliveries and online orders at the following details: –

M.A. Jinnah Road



North Nazimabad Block A

+92-02136722441- 7

Federal B Area, Block 7



Gulistan-e-Johar, Block 7


Recommended Sweets

  • Gulab Jaman
  • Malai Cham Cham
  • Chocolate Roll
  • Panjiri
  • Halwajat


Pakistan Mithai

This place is like heaven for people who love “pure desi ghee wali mithai.”. Their Rasgullay and Sohan Halwa are very popular among customers. Rehmat-e-Shereen not only offers a vast variety of traditional sweets but also has other yummy delights like Rabri, Kulfi Falooda, and Kheer. They can be reached for deliveries for Pakistan Mithai and online orders at the following details: –

Scheme 33:


Gadap town:


Korangi industrial:


Tariq Road:

+92-021111 647 428

Malir Cantt:






Recommended Sweets:

  • Gulab Jamun
  • Jalebi
  • Barfi (Various flavors like pistachio, coconut, etc.)
  • Rasgulla
  • Halwa (different types, like Sohan halwa, Sooji halwa, and Gajar halwa,)
  • Rabri
  • Kulfi Falooda
  • Kheer.

Dacca Bakers and Sweets

Pakistan Mithai

This confectionery shop is truly a ‘sweets heaven’. Situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Dacca Bakers and Sweets provides one of the best Pakistan Mithai in town, specializing in Bengali sweets. Their Rasgullay, Kacha Gulla, and Sohan Halwa are very popular among the customers. It has shops throughout Karachi, and the details are as follows:

  • Bahadurabad Chorangi Block 6, Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan e Iqbal Phase 1,
  • Malir Cantonment, Shershah Suri Road, Block A,
  • North Nazimabad

Recommended Sweets:

  • Mishti Doi
  • Bengali Sweets
  • Kacha Gulla
  • Sohan Halwa
  • Paneer Barfee
  • Dacca yogurt
  • Mitichoor laddu
  • pera

Bhashani Sweets – Pakistan Mithai Brand

Pakistan Mithai

It is located on Burns Road and gives tough competition to its fellow competitors with its hygienic and quality products. This bakery offers some of the sweetest and most affordable Pakistan Mithai (sweets) in Karachi. The wide assortment of mithai, cakes, and pastries is ideal for any event, may it be a wedding, a celebration, or any other happy occasion. Some of the famous sweets include Kacha Gulla, Rasgulla, Sandes, Cham Cham, Ras Malai, Rabri, and Lab-e-Sheereen, with Kaju Barfi at the top of the list of products Kaju Barfi. The shop does not provide home delivery services.

Recommended Sweets:

  • Kacha Gulla
  • Rasgulla
  • Sandes
  • Cham Cham
  • Ras Malai, Rabri
  • Lab-e-Sheereen
  • Kaju Barfi
  • Kacha Gulla
  • Makhlawa

Fresco Sweets

Pakistan Mithai

It is a famous and oldest sweet shop located on Shahra-e-Liaquat, Burns Road, Karachi. They are known for their high-quality sweets, Dahi Balay, and other items. The shop is renowned for its cleanliness, quality, taste, and reasonable prices. They provide takeout and delivery services, and their bestselling item is Kalakand.

Recommended Sweets:

  • Ras Malai
  • Brown Chumchum
  • Coconut Barfi
  • Dahi Balay
  • Kalakand.

Qasr-e-Sheereen – Pakistan Mithai Brand

Pakistan Mithai

It is a sweet shop located in North Nazimabad, offering freshly prepared and flavorful bakery items. They offer a wide variety of traditional and fusion sweets, along with fast food items. The shop provides a hygienic environment with the best quality products, but they do not offer home delivery services.

Recommended Sweets:

  • Rabri
  • Rabri Kheer
  • Small Gulab Jamun
  • Kiran Halwa


Pakistan Mithai

Located on the main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal is one of the best sweet shops in Karachi. They offer fine sweets, cakes, and nimko items in a hygienic and clean environment. Although their items are expensive, the wide range of top-quality products and courteous staff make it inviting. Additionally, they offer both shopping at the store and delivery to your house.

Recommended Sweets:

  • Kulfi falooda
  • Jalebi
  • Cherry crunch

Bombay Sweets

Pakistan Mithai

It is a mithai shop located in Block 2 PECHS, selling mouthwatering desserts in different areas of Karachi for decades. They are also famous for their moti choor laddu and malai khaja.

  • Moti Choor laddu
  • Modak.
  • Malpua
  • Malai khaja

S. Abdul Khaliq – Oldest Pakistan Mithai Brand

Pakistan Mithai

This is the oldest mithai shop in Karachi, founded in 1835 and initially located in SADDAR Karachi. They offer the most delicious Mithai, with their best sellers mooti choor Laddu and Kaju Barfi. Though Kaju Barfi is expensive and rarely available, it is always available at S. Abdul Khaliq, located near Alamgir Mosque, Sialkot Lassi Roundabout. Whether you’re a sweet lover or not, S. Abdul Khaliq is a must-try!

Recommended Sweets:

  • Mooti choor laddu
  • Kaju Barfi
  • Badyan perra
  • Baklawa
  • Habshi Halwa

From traditional mithai to fusion sweets, Karachi boasts a vibrant culture of sweet indulgences that cater to every palate. The top sweet shop chains in the city offer a delightful array of treats, ensuring that no celebration or gathering is complete without a taste of their delectable mithai. Discover the richness of Karachi’s sweet traditions at these renowned sweet shops across the city.

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