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Samina Baig – Super Woman of Pakistan

Posted by admin on July 9, 2024

Introduction: Samina Baig, maidan name Samina Khayal Baig, an exceptional Pakistani mountaineer. She has carved her name in history with breathtaking achievements in the world of mountaineering. Born on 19 September 1990, Baig’s remarkable journey includes scaling Mount Everest in 201. At the young age of 21, conquering all Seven Summits by 2014, and most recently achieving the challenging K2 summit in 2022.

Regarded as the first Pakistani woman to triumph over Everest, K2, and the Seven Summits, Samina’s trailblazing spirit and unwavering determination have earned her the recognition she deserves. Noteworthy is her pioneering climb of Chashkin Sar in 2010, honored by renaming the peak Samina Peak in her honor. Alongside her successful ascent of ‘Koh-i-Brobar’ in 2011. Despite a setback during an attempt on Spantik Peak, Baig’s resilience shone through as she conquered K2 in July 2022. At the age of 31 years and 10 months, etching her legacy as the first Pakistani woman to achieve this milestone

Samina Baig Early Life:

Samina Baig – Super Woman of Pakistan

Born and raised in the picturesque Shimshal village in Hunza Gojal, Gilgit–Baltistan, Pakistan, Samina Baig’s journey into the world of mountaineering began at a remarkably young age of 15, under the guidance of her brother, Mirza Ali. Starting her climbing endeavors at the tender age of four, Baig’s passion for the mountains has been a central pillar of her life.

Apart from conquering the Himalayas, she has honed her skills as a mountain guide and expedition leader in the challenging terrains of the Hindu Kush and Karakoram ranges. Officially turning professional in 2009, Baig’s admirable achievements have not gone unnoticed, as she proudly carries the title of brand ambassador for the Special Communications Organization (SCO), a prominent telecom operator in Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Samina Baig – Super Woman of Pakistan

Samina Baig Career Highlights:

Samina Baig’s career achievements and highlights are a testament to her exemplary determination and courage. As the first Pakistani woman to conquer Mount Everest on 19 May 2013, she not only achieved a remarkable personal milestone but also used the opportunity to promote Indo-Pakistani friendship and gender equality. Joined by the Indian twin girls Tashi and Nungshi Malik, the trio proudly displayed the national flags of India and Pakistan side-by-side atop the peak, sending a powerful message of unity and peace.

Samina Baig – Super Woman of Pakistan

Samina Baig’s ascent of Everest without supplementary oxygen further showcased her exceptional strength and resilience. Over the following months, she continued her awe-inspiring journey by conquering the Seven Summits at just 23 years old, with her brother Mirza Ali by her side. Their expeditions to peaks like Aconcagua, Vinson, Kilimanjaro, and Carstensz Pyramid exemplified their unwavering dedication to mountaineering and breaking barriers. The duo’s ascent of Mount Elbrus in Russia marked the completion of their challenge, with Samina proudly waving the Pakistani flag at the summit, a fitting tribute to her remarkable accomplishments in the world of mountaineering.

  • In February 2018, Samina Baig was the Pakistan’s National Goodwill Ambassador by UNDP
  • In July 2022, Samina Baig summited K2 at the age of 31 years 10 months and 5 days. She’s the first Pakistani woman to achieve this feat.
  • A documentary film Beyond the Heights was also made on her expedition to Mount Everest
  • In July 2023, Baig and Naila Kiani became the first Pakistani women to climb the 8,125-metre-tall Nanga Parbat — the world’s 9th-highest peak.
  • In 2014, she was awarded the President’s Award for Pride of Performance

Samina Baig – Some Interesting Facts and Achievements Outline:

Samina Baig – Super Woman of Pakistan

Samina Baig has remarkable mountaineering career with pioneering accomplishments. In 2010, she made the first ascent of ChashkinSar, a peak now named Samina Peak in her honor, marking her as the first Pakistani woman to reach 6,400 meters. That same year, she led the first Karakoram women’s winter expedition to MinglighSar, scaling 6,050 meters.

Recognized as an honorary member of the Alpine Club of Pakistan in 2011, she continued to blaze trails with the first ascent of Koh-i-Brobar (6,008m) and led the Gender Equality Dream Expedition on Spantik (7,027m) in 2012. In 2013, Baig became the first Pakistani woman to summit Mount Everest, and in 2014, she became the first Pakistani, and the first Muslim woman, to climb the Seven Summits across seven continents.

Her accolades include nominations and awards like the AzmeAlishan (AZM) Award (2011), the Voice of America Urdu Service’s “What is the Good News” Award, the Aurat Foundation Excellence Award for Women (2012), the Ladiesfund Woman of the Year Award (2014), and the Presidential Award of Pride of Performance (2014). Baig has served as an Adventure Ambassador for Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2014-2015), and a brand ambassador for Warid Telecom, Habib Bank Limited, Kailas Outdoor Gears, Toread Outdoor Gears, and the Special Communications Organization (SCO).

Her advocacy for gender equality and climate change has earned her the title of Goodwill Ambassador for UND Pakistan. In February 2018, the UNDP named her Pakistan’s National Goodwill Ambassador. Notably, in July 2022, she became the first Pakistani woman to climb K2 at 31 years old. In July 2023, she became the second woman, after Naila Kiani, to summit Nanga Parbat, the world’s ninth-highest peak. Samina Baig has also conquered 10 of the world’s 50 most prominent mountains, cementing her legacy as a trailblazing mountaineer and an inspiration to many.


Samina Baig – Super Woman of Pakistan

Pakistan’s army has come to the aid of ailing mountaineer Samina Baig, rescuing her from the base camp of K2 in the northern Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) region, as announced by the Pakistani military on Sunday. Baig, a celebrated mountaineer, was leading a diverse international expedition with both Pakistani and Italian women climbers. Unfortunately, she had to abandon the mission on July 5 due to a serious health decline, as reported by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). Despite poor weather preventing an immediate airlift, Baig is now being transported to Skardu City by road.

The ISPR noted that her condition has improved with the descent to a lower altitude. Additionally, a dedicated team of doctors is prepared at the Combined Military Hospital in Skardu. Her further transfer will depend on her ongoing recovery. Baig, the first Pakistani woman to conquer both Everest and K2, has also scaled Nanga Parbat and the Seven Summits across all seven continents. Pakistan’s towering peaks, including K2 and Nanga Parbat, draw adventurers from around the globe, with over 8,900 international visitors to Gilgit-Baltistan in 2023 alone.

Earlier this month, a 64-year-old Japanese climber, Onishi Hiroshi, tragically died after falling into a crevasse on Spantik “Golden Peak.” In June, the army also rescued Estonian climber Saama Marie, who sustained a leg injury while attempting Nanga Parbat

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